An IP Lawyer providing legal and financial services to businesses and professionals, including Franchising and Innovation Funding.

We have over 2O years’ experience in turning Innovation into viable commercial enterprises.

A client’s idea or invention first becomes commercial reality when the Intellectual Property has been thoroughly assessed and well protected.

When the Intellectual Property is protected we can assist our clients to get their products or technologies ready for commercialization by implementing a “path to market” that is appropriate for their particular product or technology.

Business development and commercialisation requires funding and marketing and we take an active role by developing and implementing capital raising strategies, customised to meet our clients’ present and future funding needs.


Intellectual property can be sold or licensed, like any other form of property. A useful method of raising revenue from your IP assets is to create a franchise. Some of today’s largest businesses have used franchising or licensing to finance and accelerate their growth into world brands.

Franchising can be as simple as granting a sales territory to a distributor, or allowing a franchisee to use your brand and know how.

Franchising can also include arrangements in which franchisees are granted the right to distribute a manufacturer’s product within a specified territory or at a specific location, generally with the use of the manufacturer’s identifying name or trade mark, in exchange for fees or royalties. We can develop a full franchise program for you.

It is critical that intending franchisors get the right advice, and in particular that they have ensured all aspects of their intellectual property rights are protected prior to franchising.