Reputation management with Pristine Reputations

Social Media Consultants

Welcome to the age of digital gossip!

Businesses around the world have quickly realised that the web has exposed everyone to intrusive public scrutiny. As a result, malicious online comments and unfounded complaints are published which can erode the value of a brand and can quickly damage a personal or corporate reputation.

 PRISTINE REPUTATIONS is the security service of IP Attorneys, experts in media law and cyber defamation law. Our public relations skills protect business reputations online and on social media. The prime objective is to salvage your corporate image and to obtain a swift and discreet withdrawal and removal of adverse published comments while promoting your brand, using Social Media Optimisation.

 The benefits of a well managed social media presence are stunning.

We are contracted by corporations to investigate, review and manage derogatory statements and complaints made against companies. Our monitoring service provides management with monthly reports of published comments. These detailed reports provide a unique feedback and invaluable insight into the actual operation of your business as judged by your clients, customers and the general public. The results will amaze and surprise you.

 We specialise in taking skilled legal action against authors and publishers of defamatory and negligent statements, and will lodge applications in the Federal Courts and Supreme Courts for take-down orders and injunctions.

 If statements are made in breach of confidence or there is misuse of company information by employees or contractors, we will evoke the full force of the Corporations Act and the Law of Trade Secrets to protect sensitive data bases, proprietary information, internal know-how, systems and business operations.