In my Experience as an Intellectual Property Solicitor, Intellectual Property (IP) is the asset most Australian businesses consistently undervalue...

The resulting loss is often significant and can be disastrous when selling the business.

A good intellectual property solicitor can help you protect your most valuable investment

When you look at the books of large companies these days, you will discover that their intellectual property (IP) adds an enormous amount of money to the balance sheet. In fact most companies fixed assets are small in comparison to their Brand and IP value. 

We live in an information world now. Companies can be valued at several million dollars a few short years after creation, because of their know-how and information systems. But these creations are only recognised as an asset when they are protected by relevant legal measures including valid Intellectual Property licenses and registrations.
When a company strategically identifies and secures its IP rights, it will have a major effect on the business in terms of its overall operation.

Have you had an IP Audit?

A professional IP Audit will reveal if your company's IP assets are accurately reflected in the balance sheet. This will greatly appeal to investors, financiers and business partners, when it comes to a sale or company merger, takeover negotiations, insolvency, or in preparation for public listing.

The first step we need to take is to identify all current intellectual property within your company. Medium sized Australian businesses often own Intellectual Property assets valued at Millions of Dollars, which have never been listed on the company balance sheets. Our Audit Report is a powerful investigative tool which will identify and unlock those hidden or unrecognized intellectual property assets for valuation.

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