The complex and constantly evolving development relating to information technology can make dealing with it a confusing and sometimes intimidating process. We cut through all that confusion and give you sound, practical advice.

An information technology lawyer to help you with contracts and other IT issues

An information technology lawyer with clear, practical advice on IT contracts

Our information technology lawyer will give legal advice on all aspects of the IT and Digital Media Industry and provide agreements that identify and protect the rights and obligations of each party involved in a transaction.

The Internet has become a significant medium of communication and a market for conducting commercial transactions (e-Commerce). We take part in the management of e-commerce projects from initial concept design to project completion.

Web development projects usually require several contracts, including confidentiality agreements, development agreements, assignments and licenses of copyright. For example, a developer uses a computer program code written by an outside supplier. The source code for the program is the intellectual property of that supplier and is protected under copyright. The copyright for that item of software needs to be assigned or licensed to the developer of the website.


We have one of Australia’s largest archive of IT and Media Documents. The library extends to over 300 agreements and contracts and deeds that deal with every conceivable commercial and legal situation in the Design, Development, Production and Commercialisation of Film, Video, Digital Media and e-Commerce, including a large variety of Software Agreements.