Patent and design protection requires the involvement of a good Patent, Trademark and Copyright Lawyer

The importance of a good patent, trademark and copyright lawyer

We have the necessary expertise in this very specialist field of law to be able to give you the best advice on registering and protecting your invention.

Securing rights to an invention by way of a patent provides you with a monopoly to that technology to exploit and commercialise it to the exclusion of others. We advise on all legal and financial aspects of that process.

It is vital to develop the best and most cost-effective strategies from a preliminary concept through to a granted patent. The route we take will depend on the needs of your business; for some the most appropriate solution may be a provisional patent, whilst others will require a standard patent or an innovation patent.

Protection is subject to separate examination and registration for each country and we will provide advice on all aspects of national, regional and global filing.

As a preliminary enquiry it is essential to conduct a thorough Patent Search for prior art. Patent searches are aimed at placing you in a position to assess the viability and eligibility of your invention. Our searches form an integral part of any initial invention assessment and patent protection strategy.

We advise our business clients not to commit to projects, until our investigations and discussions concluded that the idea or invention is likely to become a commercial success.

We assess this aspect very critically with clients, before we proceed any further. Be prepared for a frank and confidential business discussion and face some very pertinent questions, including: “Is the invention patentable and is it likely to be successful and financially viable?”


Industrial Design Registration protects the appearance of new and distinctive design used commercially. A design relates to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation which gives the product a unique appearance. If you are an exporter targeting foreign markets for your product, you should consider protecting your design internationally.

The designs will be protected against both deliberate copying and the independent development of a similar design. A registered design can be a valuable asset. Registration gives the owner protection for the visual appearance of a product at the fraction of the cost of a patent. If you are manufacturing, producing or designing a product, we can help you to protect that product from piracy and copycat infringers.

As a basic rule, in order to be registrable, a design has to be "new" or "original". The definitions of these terms vary among legal systems; so does the procedure for registration. Unless the overseas country offers inventors a “grace period” it is advisable that the design is kept confidential until it is registered.

We can advise you on design protection strategies, design registration, design disputes, design contracts & design management services. As a preliminary enquiry it is essential to conduct a thorough Design Search for prior art.